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Paper? I hardly know her!

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

Arts and Crafts, pass the glue, please!

Paper Personified

Every word uttered from your mouth molded my form into your vision with each squish of my skin. All the insults left me tattered and useless. Simply an object to be thrown away at your mercy.

Two insincere words slide out of your venomous mouth laced with faint venom.

“I’m sorry”

What next will your scaly mouth utter? A further apology? A simple silence? A line of self-berating? Instead you work through the crumples like a calm brook softening a sharp rock. It is a slow process, but after much effort I am back to my original self once more.

I observe myself to see lines of past injuries and remarks. My fingers run over the softened edges of the scars. It may seem all like is well once an atonement is uttered, but I will never be as I once was. There is no fixing what was once broken even if you are responsible for the crime yourself.


I was feeling insignificant and small. I've grown up with the obligation to be other's hypemans, and yet no one reciprocates. The problem is that I feel it is wrong for me to expect reciprocation. Why should I feel bad when it is them who are taking my kindness and throwing it at me, thinking apologies will fix it all. They will. Apologies will resolve my feelings, but the memories remain. It made me feel better and realize that the saying "sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me" is sometimes incorrect. To go farther, words may deal more damage than those sticks and stones ever could.

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