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Hello Kitty, ever wonder who she greets?

Updated: Jun 10, 2023

Her room was full of Hello Kitty merchandise
Multiple Hello Kitty figures fill the picture

By: Himmut Chatha Written: November 2021
Published: May 2023

Their pictures mock me.

How they looked so happy in them without me.

I didn’t smile enough with them. I didn’t cry enough with them.

Their pictures mock me because I don’t know why.

Why they didn’t hold that much meaning in my life, but their pictures mean the world to me.

And I would have given them the world, if I had known how solemn their face would look later on.

Their pictures mock me because they look so different from how I remember. Was their hair always that frizzy, fluffy? Was their face always so smiley, serious?

Their pictures mock me, but make me feel more than I ever have.


This one was hard to share in particular. It is something that I made while agony and guilt plucked my brain out of my head and gave it a hard squeeze. Perhaps they were just trying to wring out the creative juices out of my head that made this. Loss is a difficult topic for many. It doesn't matter through what medium the loss is created through, as it felt all the same.

Some lose a comfort item, lose friends, lose mentors, and for me, I lost family members. I wrote this poem based on the guilt I feel when I look at the pictures of my lost family members, and don't envision myself smiling with them because I don't have enough material to imagine what they would look like, already starting to forget their faces. Losing someone hurts, but the guilt after hurts more. For me, at least. I think this poem will resonate with many, even if their loved ones didn't have a Hello Kitty themed room.
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