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Starry Sky

Hello, I'm Himmut Chatha. I've been writing and sharing my stories with the people around me since kindergarten. Around the time where grief, anger, and stress tried to take over my life, I started writing poetry

I used to shame poets for trying to be deep all the time, and making the most convoluted creations possible. Now, I understand why their poems are deep, and why they make you think. There are certain things that only metaphors and similes can communicate, and God knows I had a whole lot of ideas that could only be spilled out on paper.

Dreams can be nightmares, and dreams can be just what they are: Dreams. They fluctuate, as it in their nature to do so. Poems are similar are they not? Pessimism to Optimism. Nihilism to Absurdism. So on so forth.

Enjoy the poems and may your dreams help you weave some of your very own.

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