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Here is a list of my 5 Favorite Poetry Books


Devotions By Mary Oliver

Truly a connoisseur of words that Mary Oliver. Definitely deserves this top spot. I got this book as a present from my mother, and that makes it so much more important to me.


The Book of Bulleh Shah

His poetry takes more of a religious turn, but it somehow still resonates with me. He also writes of his love for god in a tender way, calling out to his god in his poem, Verhe Aa Varh Mere.


Don't Call Us Dead: Poems by Danez Smith

Absolutely invigorating. Brings people who are ignorant to the reality that people of color are treated more than how much the word unfairly can describe. 


Call Us What We Carry by Amanda Gorman

She's young like me and thus inspiring. Fury & Faith keeps me going with my seemingly fruitless efforts to change my local community.


The Essential Rumi By Rumi

What can I say, I love the classics. My favorite from this collection is The Guest House. It gives me confidence that every hardship and emotion I feel is something that will spur me on.

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