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Live Alive and Look Alive

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

Cars fly through the sky like how you make my heart soar

By Himmut Chatha

May 2021

The sirens wail in agony at the fact that their prey is steadily moving farther away as we frantically race on clouds towards our own nighttime ride.

Off the fluffy platform we go into the night sky.

The stardust dances as the Moon sings a jazzy tune to accompany us.

We hold our hands up to let the stars tickle our fingers.

Birds tweet along and spend in the sky like petals that refuse to succumb to gravity while we venture higher until we see the Marvelous multicolored marble beneath us. Swirling mesmerizingly with blues, greens, and whites on one side, and twinkling yellows on the other.

The music crescendos and reaches a spectacular finale with stars igniting in the distance. Lighting everything up with an elemental extravaganza.

We try to continue our midnight ride.

The engine stalls.

One try.

Two tries.


Is futile as the sirens finally catch up as our car plummets and make a streak along the sky for all to wish upon.


To be honest, I haven't the foggiest clue of what spurred this one on. I did write it at 12:12, so maybe this caused this. I didn't even register that it was midnight at the time. It was just a relaxing piece to write. Nothing to this but pure enjoyment.

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