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Updated: Jul 9, 2023

Women are the result of perfection

By Himmut Chatha

March 2021


She is a slow stream flowing, and carrying the burdens of all it touches with her. Soothing the listeners of her sweet burbles with visions of healing.

She is a strong river rushing to be part of something greater. Ripping past her obstacles with vigor and conviction. Bringing other things along in her great journey to her own definition of success.

She is a soft breeze, rustling the trees, and setting a haze-like calm over those who desire to feel it. Throwing delightful petals into the air only to let them drift slowly to the ground.

She is a ravaging storm, blowing away anything that wishes to stand its ground. Passing on her tremendous willpower to the people she wishes to empower.

She is a gentle melody who glides her notes into ears that desire a feeling of resonating and familiarity. Her tune is absorbed into one’s body turning it into mush.

She is a piercing ballad who is unwavering in her opinion. She desires everyone to listen to her well-thought-out verses and be enlightened.

She is worthy of the world’s riches.

She is as beautiful as the sun’s rays shining through miserable clouds.

She is as strong and swift as the soaring eagle.

She is me.

She is you.


Happy National Poetry Day

The day was national poetry day, but I was just sitting in my room without inspiration. I was swiping through the masses on Instagram posts and came across a picture of a woman wearing a dress while dipping her feet in a brook. I was speechless and all that came out of my mouth was "She". I began to write and made contrasts between how all types of women are gorgeous.

-Himmut Chatha

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